Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Tips For Everyone

In fact, the serial Brawler from Nintendo is considered particularly accessible: Instead of complicated combo moves for each character, as they are common in Genrevettern, there are only slightly varying types of attacks. However, individual subtleties for the perfect whipping are not self-explanatory and are not covered in detail in the tutorial of the game. This may lead to frustration with many newcomers – but even veterans should not feel too safe, because in ” Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ” you will be confronted with some changes. So that you make a good start, we have compiled the ten best tips for you.

Insert the shield in the air

In spanking games, players tend to be quick to ignore the defensive. You should not do this in Super Smash Flash 2 The shield that you release on the rear bumpers can be extremely helpful in many situations. For example, with very nimble opponents, such as Bayonetta, you effectively protect yourself from a lot of damage. It is particularly helpful to use the Schildbutton in the air. You do not drive a real shield, but you jump to the side where you are invulnerable. It’s worth it if you still have to reach the edge of the arena, or avoid the powerful attack of an ambushing opponent. Back on the ground, you also roll the shield wonderfully past your opponents without harming you.

Yoshi’s special attack as a shortcut

If you want to make life easier in single-player mode, you’ll fumble a bit into the controls of Dino Yoshi. He wraps his opponents with an eggshell using his special attack. So to get rid of an unloved opponent quickly, you weaken your enemy at least 50 percent damage and stand on the edge to the abyss of a stage. Here you wait until your opponent comes up to you and block if necessary with the shield attacks. As soon as the opportunity arises, you now trigger the special attack: The other fighter is trapped in an egg and with high probability just plops into the abyss. A handy shortcut in the single player duels, but certainly not the fine English style in multiplayer battles!

For bosses: Pay attention to the character

Of course, every gambler has his darling, whom he controls very well. Apart from the fact that a change can be a lot of fun, but worth a close look at the character selection in boss fights. Some special attacks are simply more useful than others. For huge bosses, for example, Captain Falcon is a good choice: Using his special attack down, you will always be able to stoop through the enemy. Unlike reel shielding, you are doing so much damage and choosing a good tactic as the enemy has problems with the quick turnaround. Other opponents, for example, use ranged fighters to weaken the enemy from a safe distance.

The ghosts in single player mode

The concept of ghosts is not necessarily easy to understand, they play a big role: how strong you are depends on the level of the small images. So, if a fight seems too difficult, using the primary snack to strengthen the primary spirit is a useful aid. If you are particularly tormented by electric floors or strong winds, you will also find support. Because some of the sub spirits make you completely immune to such inconveniences. So it’s a good idea to take a good look at the ghosts, because some levels can hardly be created without this protection. And last but not least: without special ghosts you can not overcome the hurdles in the game world. The active search on the field, on the so-called Ghost Table or in shops is therefore essential for your progress.

Unlock characters or meet characters

Over the course of the game, you will unlock some characters: Over 60 characters are ready for release for the big flogging, but the first time you start the title you only see six of the fighters. You can unlock more characters in either single-player mode, or meet the challenger at regular intervals while playing. You then have to defeat the potential new comrade in a duel. If that does not work out for you, that’s no reason to panic: Also regularly appears in the submenu “More Game Modes” right below a challenger door. Behind it await the previously triumphant opponents who can fight you again. Mostly the fight is even easier.

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