Behind The Scenes Of The Bag Manufacturer Pack & Smooch

Pack & Smooch is a well-known online shop for bags and accessories that are shipped from leather and wool felt all over the world. The products are particularly popular with Apple disciples, as Mac and Co. are custom-fit, visually appealing and secure. Now I was able to meet the founders in Hamburg and take a look behind the scenes of the company. Wandsbek is a Hamburg district that has been shaped by industry and work for hundreds of years. Pack & Smooch is headquartered in the historic wing of an old chocolate factory. Even entering is an experience when the crunching freight elevator drags to the upper floor and opens the doors to the creative and productive realm of the online shop.

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Visitors can directly smell the smell of leather in their nostrils. No wonder, because from this location, which comes across as a mixture of office and production, the high-quality products go out to customers. The managing directors Matthias and Clemens Burkert welcome me in their control center, the heart of Pack & Smooch. The founders, soon after coming of age, gained their first experiences with the production, the online sale and the dispatch of bags. After graduating in 2010, the hobby turned into a business, and Pack & Smooch was born. Today there are various bags and cases for Macbook, iPad, iPhone and also shopping bags or accessories such as card cases or key chains in the range.

“We quickly realized that special materials appeal to our online customers,” reports Clemens. That is why the selection of suppliers, who supply the raw materials for the later products, places the highest value on quality and origin. “Actually, one can describe it in a nutshell: We only work with the best goods,” says Matthias. Natural materials such as merino wool felt and untreated, purely vegetable-tanned cowhide are used. And the two creators are blooming here in their living room. You can feel how much passion the selection at Pack & Smooch is made of and that nothing is left to chance.

The well-known cutting, punching and sewing machines symbolize this, because here the same equipment is used, with which also world-famous designers work. Clemens Burkert demonstrates with what skill, for example, my initials “JM” in silver can be punched on the card case Keswick . I can hardly believe that this individualization should cost only ten euros when buying in the online shop. Because here at Pack & Smooch, all products are manufactured one hundred percent by hand, from design to finished product. That’s what I call lived craftsmanship with attention to detail.

Incidentally, Pack & Smooch runs a blog at where news is published. There you get online another look behind the scenes of the bag and accessories manufactory. I recorded my visit with photos, which can be seen here in the picture gallery at “Shots”. Thanks again for the invitation – since the goods lift took me back to the street, I still have the smell of leather in my nose …

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